Nail Art Inverno 2023: nuove tendenze della manicure

Nail Art Winter 2023: new manicure trends

Winter 2023 nail art has a solution for everyone. As always, the arrival of the end of the year brings with it the desire for change. The cold season induces in some people the desire for cold colors and simplicity, which in the case of nail art means pearly grays, silver, the whole range of light blues and blues, while others react to the opposite with warm, comforting colors, such as biscuit, caramel, honey, to make us feel pampered and safe. And then there are those who do not give up the most particular decorations, taking inspiration from past but always current artistic movements, such as Andy Warhol's pop art, or Mondrian's geometric motifs, or Mirò's bright colours. But there are many new trends in nail art Winter 2023, with solutions for all tastes.

A very interesting news is that for a few years now, to decorate our nails, it has no longer been necessary to resort exclusively to gels to be fixed with UV lamps. Alternative, faster and less demanding methods, so-called semi-permanent, are spreading, which combine decorative properties with a protective effect for weak and flaking nails.

For example the powder nail polishes from Torrid Nails. The dip powder manicure is a technique that involves the use of powders and liquids which gives life to a resistant color without the need for a UV lamp and which lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Colors that amaze: fluorescent nail polishes

The main influencers in the sector have proposed very particular combinations for the winter 2023 nail art, which start from very different color bases. fuchsia is a very trendy color.

In the powder version, to be created with the Dip System, the shade Rosa Pink Lemonade, one of the colors proposed by Torrid Nails, it is an excellent choice for bright nails that are always in the foreground.

Nail Art Invernale

Also the purple, the lavender and the blue they are very popular to contrast the dark colors of the winter sky, twilight and premature night. The designs often include a gradient effect of the chosen color, or fun Pollock effects remaining in different tones of the same color.

The contrasting combinations between the colors mentioned are also very pleasant. Blue and pink, or pink and fuchsia bring great impact effects.

An excellent lavender is the Viola Lavender Mist, always chosen among the dip powders by Torrid Nails and selectable in the all-inclusive kit, a package containing everything needed to start working immediately on our creations.

The shape of the nails can vary, but the tendency remains for very long nails, often sharp, but also with a small square at the tip.

Colors that warm: two-tone and melange nail polish

However, among the most trendy colors of winter 2023 we also find something else. The tones of the autumn foliage extend into the colder months. Brown, chocolate, olive, amaranth, military green are all shades on the crest of the wave, even with a translucent or marble effect. Nude is also very popular, often with flowery and colorful stencils. The wrong French resists, generally with a brown upper line and a pink or milky body, just as the black, both simple and enriched with special designs or effects. Bicolor and melange continue to hold their ground, giving a bon ton effect much sought after by those who always want to be tidy, elegant and with a classic touch to complete a professional outfit.

Effects you don't expect: sweater nail polish

A gel effect and a design, however accurate, are no longer enough to show off truly original nails. It also plays on the three-dimensional effect, real or recreated as an optical illusion. A particularly successful trend, specifically for Nail Art 2023, is the one called sweater or knitted. The reason is easily understood: the decoration gives a very pleasant knitted effect. Also made with cold colors and a matt effect, it communicates a feeling of warmth, like a nice soft sweater.nail art inverno

To avoid making the final effect too heavy, and if you have small nails and very thin fingers, the main nail artists tend to advise against using it on all fingers, but alternate it with a smooth coating, on the same color tone or slightly different shades.

This effect can be recreated with powder nail polish in a lighter way, limiting the three-dimensional effect and recreating the sweater motif through the design of the pattern (the texture ) chosen. There are several tutorials online for you to try these experiments yourself. Among the TorridNails colours, the pastel sunshine yellow and the smooth avocado green are very suitable. .

Please remember that the Manicure Dip Powder allows you to easily eliminate a result that doesn't satisfy you and be able to start over as many times as you want. Obviously it is always better not to subject your nails to too many consecutive chemical treatments.

Pop Art Nail Art

The trend that started in the spring/summer season continues into the winter season. Pop Art Nails continue to claim victims, especially among the very young. What are they? Given the name, it is obvious that they refer to the pop art in vogue in the fifties and sixties and which had its guru in Andy Warhol.

Fits both short and long nails. The larger the nail surface, the greater the possibility of adding details. The base can be of any color, but usually light ones are preferred, then the drawing is carried out. And never as in this case is the word correct, because pop art uses comic-effect drawings, often with speech bubbles for the text or words that explode like BAAAM, ARGH, WOW, GASP. In short, a cartoon result, but classy.

The red mouth symbol of the Rolling Stones, the Campbell's soup can, the glass bottle of Coca-Cola are just some of the themes that the major nail artists propose. You can indulge yourself, and the writings can truly be endless.

 nail art inverno

The colors are vivid, almost blinding, combined in contrast. The most suitable powder nail polishes by Torrid Nails are the Rosso Racer Red, the yellow fluo sunset star and the ocean Blue.

Simple winter nails

And for those who don't particularly like drawings, inlays and high reliefs?

In single-color nails, intense red continues to maintain its position, which has always been a symbol of femininity, self-confidence, character and unscrupulousness. milk white is confirmed, less aggressive than simple white; the browns and the entire range of blues are inserted. Dark blue, orange and bright greens are less popular. Total black resists, especially in the bright version, while the slow but inexorable rise of nude continues.

To play a little with single-color nails, there is always the possibility of alternating the colors on the different nails. Normally we tend to color the ring finger nail in contrast with all the others. Gray against black, red against white, pink against blue, the variations are truly many. For those who want to maintain a more classic tone, you can alternate dark chocolate with hazelnut or beige, for a sure glamorous effect.

nail art inverno

The Italian Way

Italian nail artists could only create a particular trend for this season, adding the touch of style that distinguishes us. Italian nail art involves full glazing, which fills the entire nail surface except for a thin strip close to the skin. Basically a painted nail with a natural contour. It is a type of manicure that can also be done very easily with acrylic powder nail polish. But why do it? What is its effect?

This type of treatment is suitable for wide nails and not too slender fingers. It has the effect of refining the hand and the nail. On a narrow surface it loses its purpose and has an insignificant yield, while on wide and medium-long nails it gives its best. The contour line can also be made in nude or contrasting colour. For example, you can use Verde Exotic Esmerald for the interior and Bianco Latte Snow White for the outline.

Holiday Nail Art

While remaining quite tied to the classic colors of Christmas, the holiday nail art for 2022/2023 is particularly vast and original.

They range from single-color nails in the very classic red, such as the wine time red by Torrid Nails, to a variation of greens on the different nails for a feeling of a Christmas tree and snowy Scandinavian woods. Always with the single color, you can dare different effects, to coexist on the same hand. Then the nail with a sweater effect returns to match the others in classic smooth, or a ring finger with three-dimensional decorations applied tone on tone, such as glittery bows, and on the index and middle fingers with snowmen.

Moving on to multicolors and designs, the decorations that recall the gift package papers are very interesting and impressive. There are all types, including ribbon closures, even embossed ones, and they can be extremely elegant.

For a funnier solution, you can use adhesive decorations with Santa Claus, a reindeer, bells, sleighs, gift packages, or even writings like Happy New Year!

And finally, for the sweet tooth in you, there are also proposals with a sweet effect, with designs reminiscent of chocolate in a cup with cream or the texture of nougat, or made in the color of gingerbread!

Happy winter nail art everyone!

nail art inverno

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