Acrilico ad immersione

Dip acrylic: find out how this new manicure works

If you are looking for a simple manicure to create but with a sure visual impact, in the latest fashion and technologically innovative, immersion acrylic is the one for you you!

Dip acrylic, also known as "Dip Powder", is a semi-permanent powder nail polish that prevents the creation of smudges and is able to dry without requiring a UV lamp.

The result on the nails is perfect: homogeneous, shiny, resistant, super glossy and natural, avoiding the unsightly "rubber effect".

The duration has nothing to envy of permanent gel treatments, as it ensures flawless hold for up to four weeks!

Finally, a non-negligible feature is that it can be done alone, without necessarily requiring the help of a professional, once you have acquired the necessary tricks and having gained some experience.

acrilico ad immersione

Immersion Acrylic: how it works

Immersion acrylic, or the Dip System, is nothing more than a practical semi-permanent nail polish without a UV lamp which is particularly resistant and lasts up to 4 weeks.

The Dip Powder is an innovative and highly perfected technology, which requires a series of products to be created.

Essential tools for this type of manicure are:

  • basic liquid
  • basic powder
  • activator liquid
  • liquid top coat
  • enamel powder (color)
  • file
  • brush 
  • cuticle pusher.

The application involves 3 main steps:

1 application of a liquid base

2 immersion in colored powder

3 color activation

Before starting the application of the immersion acrylic, you need to use the buffer file to make the nail uniform.

The first step consists in applying the base liquid (base coat) together with the base powder (base powder): the distribution of the liquid should occur rather quickly, making clear and precise movements.

    acrilico ad immersione

The nail moistened by this liquid must be literally immersed in the base powder, to such a depth that any corner of the nail plate comes into contact with the powder.

At this point it becomes necessary to eliminate the excess solid particles using a brush with soft bristles and a rounded tip.

The second step involves the application of the base liquid and the color powder, i.e. you need to spread the base coat on the nails again and then immerse them in the powder of the desired shade .

Even at this stage it is extremely useful to remove excess dust from the ends of the fingers, using your favorite brush, as long as it has a soft and not too stiff touch.

If you want to obtain a particularly intense result, this procedure can be repeated a second time, just waiting for the technical drying times between the first application and the second application.

The third step represents the step in which the color is perfected as much as possible, and consists of the application of the activator liquid and the top coat powder.

The activator looks like a traditional transparent nail polish, equipped with an applicator brush, which must be distributed evenly on the previously treated nail.

It is sufficient to spend two minutes to proceed to work the nail with a buffer file, which has the important purpose of homogenizing the nail surface, making it uniform and removing any microscopic or imperceptible ripples reliefs.

At this point you have to apply the activator liquid a second time, wait another two minutes, apply a layer of top coat, and you're done!

The total estimated time for the entire procedure is only fifteen minutes, furthermore, as is evident, the use of any UV lamp is not required .

Immersion acrylic: how to remove it

Removing such a product might be intimidating at first, but it is a relatively simple operation.

On the market there are removal pads designed specifically for this purpose, which must be accompanied by cuticle oil, specific clips and the inevitable cuticle pusher.

It's a good idea to also get a quality removal file, buffer and buffing file to make these steps quick and easy to perform.

Proceed by eliminating the top coat layer using a file, then applying a thin film of cuticle oil.

Subsequently you can apply the pad directly to the nail, to secure it using a special clip: the nails, in fact, must be completely surrounded by the pad, which rolls up to form a real cylinder around the finger.

                          acrilico ad immersione

The required installation time is fifteen minutes, thus giving the user absolute practicality and the possibility of organizing daily commitments, without giving up having nails always in order.

Once the clips have been removed, the excess should be removed using a cuticle pusher, and, if necessary, also the buffer file.

The essential final step consists in working the nail surface with a polishing file, to obtain maximum homogeneity of the plate in a natural and delicate way.

What does an acrylic immersion kit contain

As we have seen previously, immersion acrylic is an innovative technique which, however, requires a series of products to be created.

So if you want to start with an acrylic manicure, you need to purchase a kit with all the basic products. There are very good brands on the market, such as the American Torrid Nails which offer a basic kit at the cost of a manicure at the beautician.

    acrilico ad immersione

An immersion acrylic kit is nothing more than a practical box that contains all the essential elements for creating fabulous nail art, and precisely:

  • essential liquids for the treatment of the nail plate, before immersion in the powder, including base coat, top coat and activator, as well as a brush saver for brush care, which is equally important;
  • specific powders, designed according to the latest technologies, both for the base and for the colour, usually present in at least four shades chosen directly by the buyer;
  • a brush with soft bristles, with a rounded tip and a delicate touch;
  • a professional file, buffer type, for finishing.

The Dip Powder is therefore proposed as a very valid alternative to semi-permanent manicure, rather than gel reconstruction.

This technology is called "immersion" as it refers to the actual immersion that must be carried out with the nails in the specific powders, expertly designed to adhere to the nail surface like a real "glue".

It is particularly interesting to note how nails treated in this way also prove to be more resistant to any external insults, of a chemical or mechanical nature.

The layer obtained with applications of this kind, in fact, represents a real shield, capable of protecting the underlying stratum corneum from various types of aggression.

What are the advantages of acrylic compared to gel polish

The advantages, not negligible, deriving from the use of a immersion acrylic compared to a traditional semi-permanent nail polish or a gel nail polish, are essentially numerous:

  • No UV lamp: this nail polish dries in the air and is therefore more practical and faster than the one with the stove;
  • Practicality: since the powder does not stick to the skin, it is impossible to smudge so it is a very simple nail polish to apply even for people who do not have a very steady hand;
  • Duration although air-drying, the final result is comparable to that of permanent gels, i.e. around four weeks.
  • Resistance once dried, the acrylic enamel is very hard, it does not scratch or break. The nails are also much strengthened so in this situation it is much superior to a semi-permanent.
  • Economy once the sets and basic powders have been purchased these can be used many times, so by purchasing a dip powder kit they can be created at the cost of a manicure at the beautician, a whole year of nails.

The real revolution represented by Dip Powder technology lies in the formulation of the base, activator and sealant liquids, which are highly performing and safe.

Until a few years ago, the manufacturing techniques known did not allow perfect adhesion of the powders to the nail surface, therefore it was not possible to create satisfactory works from the point of view of color homogeneity.

Thanks to modern production innovations, the liquids are specifically designed to allow perfect adsorption of solid particles, guaranteeing a final result worthy of the most refined beauty salon.

The speed of execution also represents a significant strong point of this nail art technique, in fact, daily life often prevents women from dedicating themselves to the treatment of their appearance as they would like.

Being able to have such a fast technique (fifteen minutes in total) therefore constitutes a truly precious requirement for those who, rightly, claim to always have their hands in order.

It is interesting to underline how, thanks to the acrylic immersion technology, it is possible to create not only full colors with excellent aesthetic results, but also imaginative and creative nail art, with extreme precision.

In the latter case it is sufficient to expertly apply the base coat in the details where you want to highlight the detail: the subsequent immersion of the nail in the powder allows its adhesion exactly in that point, without the risk of giving give rise to inaccuracies or smudges.

Documenting yourself adequately on the Dipping System represents the pre-requisite for approaching this wonderful world of perfect nails in a short time, also because the application often turns out to be a fun pastime for the majority of users.

Always valid advice for anyone who decides to practice this beautiful art, is to get professional and reliable products, to avoid the danger of damaging your nails , as well as obtaining unsightly results.

An example of excellent powder nail polishes are those of Torrid Nails, a company that offers only quality items updated to the most recent trends.

Our kits with everything inside are the ideal solution for any woman who wants to fix her nails with practicality and professional results, without forgetting that our colors are truly varied and meet the tastes of the entire population, with an eye, inevitably, on the fashion of the moment.

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