Who we are

Our history

TorridNails was born in Los Angeles, California with a simple and precise vision: To create a global nail product that can be used by anyone, experts or not.

Our Vision

We want to give everyone the opportunity to unleash their creativity and always have well-groomed hands in a simple, fast and convenient but at the same time professional way, directly from home.

Why this?

Because all traditional methods present different problems. Hours and hours of work, continuous exposure to UV light that damages the skin, long drying times, allergies and short-lasting manicures. It all ends with a continuous and enormous waste of money and time.

The solution

We have created various sets complete with everything you need to create a professional manicure directly from home in complete autonomy.

We have tried to mix quality with convenience in the best possible way.

In fact, all our nail polishes are non-toxic, safe, certified and totally vegan and cruelty free.

How did we do it?

We have researched all the products on the market and analyzed their negative aspects and various problems.

Then we created a product that eliminated all this. Before starting marketing we shipped more than 1000 kits all over the world and collected their feedback.

To date we are certain that our product is ready to revolutionize the world of manicure.