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How to remove nail polish quickly without ruining your nails

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Nails are an integral part of a woman's external appearance, a business card that conveys to the outside how much she cares about her beauty and appearance clean and tidy.

For this reason it is essential to keep them in perfect health, following very specific procedures that allow them to rest and which effectively respond to the question of how to remove nail polish quickly in the correct way and whenever you want or deem it necessary.

Underestimating their appearance and conditions means not only communicating a less than positive message, but also facilitating a possible deterioration in their state of health.

The operation to be carried out to keep your nails "in shape" is the removal of the cosmetic layer, phase not to be underestimated if you want their image to accompany the long days that characterize modern life.

Why it is important to remove nail polish correctly

Given their importance, hand care is essential to make or leave a good impression and improve their aesthetics with the application of one layer of enamel represents a "must" that cannot be renounced.

However, it is important to prevent the regrowth from becoming visible, as this would invalidate all the actions carried out to improve them; for this reason, periodic removal is essential, using the right tools and substances to complete the operation, since a procedure incorrect, for example rubbing too vigorously or with excessively aggressive substances, can lead to damage of the nails, with all that this entails. Furthermore, a superficial action is destined to leave product residues which make interventions such as manicure difficult, as well as compromising aesthetics and health.

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How to remove nail polish quickly

In a society that imposes daily rhythms bordering on nervous exhaustion, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find the time to remove nail polish correctly, without making mistakes that can make the beautician's work useless. This makes it necessary to find alternative methods which, in addition to safeguarding the health of the nails, facilitate the speed of elimination of the aesthetic material from their surface. However, there are different types of nail polish for aesthetic use, and each of them requires different procedures and agents in order to make it quick and the operation is effective, safeguarding one's time, one's image and the health of this non-secondary organ.

How to intervene, therefore, in an adequate way to remove the layer of enamel for each of its types?

How to remove traditional nail polish

The classic method is acetone diluted with water, a type of solvent that is cheap but not recommended due to its aggressiveness : its use often also removes the superficial components of the nail, creating dehydration and long-term problems. The ideal is to use specific solvents, of a more delicate nature and with a less unpleasant odor.

To use it safely, the recommended steps are:

  • bring yourself a cotton pad or pad;
  • pour a modest quantity of liquid on the fabric (multiple substances must not be mixed together: it is useless and is dangerous);
  • very delicately pass the soaked cotton over the surface of one nail at a time, moving it from top to bottom, without forgetting the sides.

Come togliere lo smalto velocemente smalto tradizionale acetone

In case of presence of residues, you can act with a cotton swab or by immersing your hands in hot water mixed with a not excessive dose of solvent (do not breathe its fumes); this method can also be used in case of absence of cotton.

How to remove traditional or liquid semi-permanent

Removing semi-permanent nail polish is a little more complex than removing traditional liquid nail polish.

In fact, the diluted acetone used for traditional nail polish does not work for semi-permanent nail polish, but there are only two techniques to eliminate this type of nail polish. The use of pure acetone or the file.

Both of these options have pros and cons.

Although the file does not require the use of chemicals, it removes layers of nail and damages the nails. The simple intense rubbing done with the file or even worse with the electric files of beauticians causes an unpleasant sensation of heat and damages the lower layers of the nail.

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Pure acetone can be used. In this case you need to cover your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone and cover them with a layer of tinfoil.

After waiting about 15 minutes the nail polish should come off on its own.

How to remove semi-permanent powder

The procedure for removing the innovative semi-permanent powder nail polish, called dip powder, of which Torrid Nails boasts a wide range of excellent quality products, is quite simple if you consider that it is a nail polish as resistant and durable as gel.

Two types of removal are possible, one at home which is a little more complex and one made with the products offered by Torrid nails which is absolutely quick.

For the first method, the homemade one you need to:

  • eliminate with a file to eliminate the most superficial layer of the enamel;
  • fill a corner of a small plastic bag with acetone, a ball of cotton or wadding and, if possible , a small amount of coconut butter;
  • prepare a bowl of hot water in which to immerse the sachet;
  • introduce the tips of your fingers inside the aforementioned envelope for approximately five minutes;
  • use the cotton ball to rub your nails, always keeping them inside the solution contained in the plastic container.

It is recommended to carry out, after this operation, a restorative and hydrating treatment.

For the second method, just pass a buffer file over the nail polish, insert your fingers into the appropriate Torrid Nails removal pads and cover them with nail clips, wait 15 minutes and remove everything . The nail polish will come off on its own without damaging your nails.

How to remove the gel

Nail reconstruction with the traditional gel (hard and resistant) or with the soak off (variant less leathery) is a highly appreciated method for making them beautiful, strong and original whose characteristic is great resistance to external stress. However, it does not eliminate the growth, which means that after a month it will have to be removed to avoid poor results and unsightly blemishes and to facilitate its reapplication .

To remove the Gel which has extreme solidity as its main characteristic, traditional files and buffers are not useful, but a tool called bur is needed, which It is normally used by professional beauticians because used in the wrong way it can significantly damage the nails.

Removal usually follows these steps:

  • pass the cutter to remove most of the gel, without touching the surface of the nail;
  • after cleaning the area, use a fine-grained file to perfect the work, paying maximum attention not to damage the nail plate, cuticles and edges (the trick is to leave a small film of gel to continue protecting the nails);
  • disinfect the area, polish using a buffer and apply a reinforcing nail polish to keep for a couple of weeks;

If you want to carry out the operation with a solvent to save time, you will have to keep your fingertips immersed in a solution with water for about ten minutes, but it is a procedure to be used with caution as it risks damaging the nails.

Tips to avoid damaging your nails

To avoid causing damage during the nail polish removal procedure, there are few but essential precautions to follow:

  • if you use the file, pay extreme care to not touch the surface of the nails, but stop for a moment before and then act with solvents and hot water;
  • do not exaggerate with the quantity of acetone or similar, as they affect their natural defenses;
  • always use caution when using tools (files) and solvents (acetone or specific liquids) and avoid using the burr independently t4> (leave it to the professionals in the beauty sector);
  • consider that the fastest and safest method is immersion in water/solvent solutions, but not for excessive periods of time, due to the aggressiveness of the substances used.

The ideal is to use the KITS with everything inside from Torrid Nails, which also guarantee the removal of powdered nail polish, also known as dip powder removal, quickly and safely.

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