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Nails for Halloween 2022: tricks and tips for amazing nails!

Nails for Halloween, find some original ideas for a killer manicure to show off on the scariest night of the year

The Halloween holiday is coming and with it the right opportunity to show off the darkest nail art of the whole year.

Halloween is an opportunity to fearlessly dare with a spectacular and creative nail look, to show off during a themed party and why not, to wear during the rest of the week.

On Halloween night everything is allowed, especially experimenting with something new, to make your hands the icing on the cake of your outfit or disguise.

Unlike Christmas, which is so family friendly and reassuring, the beauty of Halloween is that it manages to overturn reality for a single night, transforming it into its dark version: what is commonly considered ugly and scary, for example Halloween is trendy.

Everything in the look of those celebrating must reflect this philosophy and nails for Halloween are certainly no exception.

Whether you are having fun at the disco, with friends or at a restaurant, there is only one rule: show off Halloween nails perfectly in keeping with the evening.


Simple Halloween nails, some practical tips

Not everyone loves over-decorated or eccentric nails, which is why during the spookiest night of all, you can opt for simple nail art.

For example, if you are not used to wearing nail polish or if you will wear a chic and classy outfit, you can choose single-coloured nails or with french manicure.

However, it will be useful to follow some simple advice to obtain a perfect manicure, starting with a good nail base .

To do this, just equip yourself with all the manicure tools: the file to make the tips of the nails the desired shape, the cuticle pusher to make the unsightly cuticles disappear and an oil to better nourish and prepare the nail to be painted and decorated.

The essential steps to remember


The base of the Halloween nail art must be created by applying a nail polish of the preferred colour, deciding on the normal, gel or semi-permanent formulation.

The latter is an excellent solution for keeping your nails in order even in the following days, especially if you opt for versatile nail art: in this regard, it will be useful to choose one permanent powder nail polish, like those proposed by Torrid Nails, which allow to get a manicure that lasts up to four weeks.

It is an innovative product, with an enormous advantage: it is simple to apply, even for those who are completely new to nail art.

These enamels, also called Dip Powder or Dipping System, do not create smudges and dry without use of UV lamp. Simply apply the base coat and dip your fingers in the bottle of selected powder nail polish to ensure a precise and clean finishing.

After applying the color, when the nails are dry, you can proceed with any decorations: to create them easily, even in this case you can resort to the formulation of powder nail polishes, as we will see with nail art proposals later.

What nail colors for Halloween: black and purple cannot be missing

When it comes to Halloween nail colors, black and purple cannot be missed for the scariest party of the year.

Black is a great classic that can be worn on any occasion, not just during Halloween, in order to show off elegant and perfect hands. Black, as we know, is flattering and this trick is also valid for nails, as it makes the fingers appear more tapered.

A shiny black nail polish will be ideal to show off with any outfit or disguise you have in mind because it matches everywhere, but you can also choose a different shade or opaque, to stand out from the usual.


Glitter black is a festive variant, suitable for Halloween and a night at the disco, but if you want to be a little more daring, purple is highly recommended.

It is a shade that can create some doubts in normal conditions, but which you can opt for for Halloween. Whatever type of black you choose, it is preferable to choose a semi-permanent powder nail polish, so you will continue to have perfect hands even after the fateful Halloween night.

The purple, enveloping and mysterious, is delightfully autumnal and will stand out on the disguises chosen for All Saints' Eve .

It is not at all mandatory to limit yourself to these two colors: there is orange, in the classic pumpkin shade, but also green in a super fluorescent variant.

Halloween nail designs: cobwebs, bats and ghosts: which ones to choose

Each occasion presents a series of distinctive elements and graphics and Halloween is no exception, with a monstrous parterre, which you can show off on the tip of your fingernail.

Spiders and cobwebs are a classic: used to decorate the interiors of a party, they bring to mind these mysterious insects and their ability to weave intricate webs, but also abandoned and haunted homes .

If you are inclined towards spiders, you can draw the spider web by hand on the nail by dividing it into sections, but you need to have a minimum amount of manual skill, otherwise it is better to use stickers and applications to glue directly onto the nail.

Then there are the bats, animals that live in the darkness and are closely linked to bloodthirsty vampires, while the ghosts represent an evergreen subject: on a totally black nail art, they will allow you to create interesting plays of color, very pleasant to look at.

Among the most popular subjects are skulls and drops of blood.

The latter are an interesting theme to propose on the hands, especially because they allow you to vary with the use of bright red colour, just as it will be good to draw small pumpkins the Halloween emblem.

Finally, let's not forget the super-trendy effect of the shading, which in the case of Halloween will be black and which sees the color fade along the entire surface of the nail, from top to bottom.

To accurately carry out this technique, for which it is recommended to use powdered enamels, you can consult this article.

Nail art for Halloween: how to make them

Let's now look at the concrete how to create Halloween nail art step by step.

These looks will transform nails into a real accessory that will attract attention and make spooky-themed clothing even more effective.

For the more creative, it will also be possible to customize the following nail art with your own ideas, in order to make them more original.

We recommend using an acrylic powder nail polish such as those by Torrid Nails to color the nails, but also for decorations, as to create the shapes, simply apply the base coat only on the areas where the powder nail polish will then adhere.

Halloween nail art with cobwebs

What you will needgreen or orange powdered nail polish, black powdered nail polish, awl or toothpick, base coat and top coat

How to make it: First, create the chromatic base using the powder enamel of your favorite color (green and orange only for indicative purposes): then dip the nail covered with base coat in the bottle of the selected color.

Once dry, take the toothpick and dip it in the base coat liquid to trace the cobwebs, starting from a well-defined point: before moving on to the action on the nails, you can practice on a sheet of paper, to understand how to draw them better and the inclination to give.

The spider web can cover a large part of the nail, or start diagonally from the corner, depending on how you prefer.

Create the design calmly, taking the time you need and start by drawing the main lines of the spider web on each nail, for example starting from the bottom left corner.


Sprinkle over the second color with which you want to create the cobwebs, such as black and then apply activator and top coat.

Nail art with Halloween pumpkins


You will needorange and black powder nail polish, base coat, top coat

How to make it:

Initially, apply an orange powder nail polish on all the nails, previously prepared with the base coat; you can decide to make the pumpkin only on one of them.

Dip a toothpick into the base coat and delicately outline the characteristic features of the Halloween pumpkin: the eyes are made up of two small inverted triangles, the grinning mouth of zigzag lines.

Once finished, pour the powdered color over the drawn parts, which will take root without problems.

Finally, apply a layer of activator and top coat.

Drops of blood on the nails

You'll need: blood red powder nail polish, black powder nail polish, base and top coat

How to make them:

After carefully finishing the base coat, dip your nails in black powder nail polish (you can also choose white for an interesting alternative).

When the color is dry, move on to red nail polish: it is essential that this is in the shade that most recalls blood. The trick is to pour a few drops messily, albeit carefully, onto each nail: to make them take root, you can previously cover some areas of the nails with base coat.

As always, finish with top coat. This Halloween nail art style can be a good alternative if you are not very familiar with the designs.

Nail art with bats

manicure pipistrelli

What you'll need: nude or purple powder nail polish, nose coat, top coat

How to make it:

In this Halloween nail art, you can choose to create a colored background with nude nail polish to make the little bats stand out even more, or purple, if a color more suited to Halloween is preferred.

Once you have dipped your nails with the base coat into the nail polish, use the toothpick in order to obtain more precise graphics with the base coat, where the nail polish will then be poured: the bat can also be drawn on just one nail per hand, while on the others the tip will be colored with a thin black line.

To create the bat, start from the head by drawing an M, and then move on to the wings, to be formed by placing two rounded lines next to the head.

To make drawing easier, take inspiration from stylized shapes already tried on a sheet of paper.

Complete the bat and fill it with black by pouring the powdered enamel. When the decorations are dry, finish the nail art with top coat.

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