french manicure dip

Dip powder French Manicure: how to make it step by step

Ah the dip powder French manicure. Have you also heard of this manicure technique lately? Beauticians assure you: the results of a manicure done with acrylic powder nail polish are stunning. But what are dip powder nails? How to do a flawless dipping French manicure and master the method like a pro? You will find out with this guide.

Dip powder French manicure: what is it

The dipping powder French manicure is an effective manicure technique, which consists of dipping the nails in a jar of powder and colored pigments. You apply a base first, then complete the manicure by dipping your nails into the powder jar, before finishing with a sealant.

Dip powder, or dipping powder, means soaking in powder in English. In other words, you dip the tip of your nail into a glitter or colored jar. Naturally, just like a classic nail polish, the powder one is available in a thousand colors for an increasingly unique and customizable manicure.

Tempting, right?

How to do a manicure with Dip: the complete guide

french manicure dip

Are you convinced by the technique? Can't wait to test it on your nails or those of a client? So let's get started: here are the steps for an irresistible dip powder manicure.

Useful material for the French Manicure Dip

To get started, make sure you have the dip powder French manicure kit available, i.e. these essential elements:

  • a primer
  • a base
  • an activator
  • a top coat
  • a nourishing oil
  • a brush cleaner

Step 1 Preparing the nails with dip powder

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Prepare your nails by pushing the cuticles and filing them, paying particular attention to the edges and cuticles.

Spread the primer on the nail.

Step 2 Using the base

Now get to the heart of the procedure. Apply the base on three quarters of the nail, then dip it in the so-called natural powder. Then, apply the base again, but this time over the entire nail. Cover with the color of your choice and repeat the entire process a second time. In other words, the correct sequence is:

  • Apply the transparent base liquid
  • Dust the base powder
  • Apply the clear base liquid again
  • Sprinkle the colored powder

Step 3 Finishing the Dip Powder

Do you want to improve your manicure? You can do it, thanks to the final steps.

Apply the activator, then file and sand your nail to give it a well-groomed appearance. If necessary, adjust the touches.

Complete the manicure by cleaning the nails with a cotton ball soaked in a little alcohol. Finally, use the activator again and gently rub the nail with a lint-free cloth.

Step 4 Manicure care

As you know, the best way to create a lovely manicure is to finish with effective treatments.

To do this, you can do the following:

  • apply top coat
  • when it is dry, apply a second coat with small quick touches
  • wait 2 minutes for drying
  • finish the treatment by applying a nourishing oil to the cuticles, without forgetting to massage the contours

That's all. Sublime, isn't it?

Dip Powder and false nails

If you are applying the dipping powder manicure technique to false nails, add these vital steps at the end of step 1 and before step 2. The goal is to preserve the quality of the nail:

  • put glue on the cap, to stick on the tip of the natural nail
  • files the junction between the natural nail and the capsule. The target That nothing exceeds, the surface must be smooth and flat
  • remember to apply the base on the junction of the fake nail, i.e. on the natural nail
  • dip the nail in the desired color.

Dip powder manicure: in summary.

There are 4 key steps that make up the dipping powder application method: preparation, base, finish and cure. Each step must be followed in order.

A dip powder manicure can last 3 to 4 weeks without any problems. However, it is important to protect your nails as much as possible, to preserve your manicure and keep it in impeccable condition.

And now? All you have to do is let yourself be tempted by dip powder french manicure kit, available here on Torrid nails. Isn't life beautiful?

What is needed to make the French, here are some suggestions

french manicure dip red

The French manicure is a classic nail look, usually white above and nude or pink below: a base color (nude or light pink) is first painted. Then, draw a line of white on the top area of ​​the nail, similar to the natural white part. This line can be thin, thick, curvy or straight, depending on the length and shape of your nails.

Now that it's socially acceptable to wear colorful nail polish and funky artistic styles, it's not uncommon to see a mix of colors (swapping white for purple, for example).

How to do a French manicure with dip powder

Create the base

Lightly polish your nails: this step is much more important than you think and is the key to making your manicure last for weeks

Then clean the nail with a swab soaked in denatured alcohol to eliminate excess humidity and facilitate the adhesion of the powder

Apply a thin layer of base liquid

Dip your finger into the base powder, at a 45 degree angle

Wait 2-5 seconds

Slowly lift your finger from the jar

Brush off excess dust

Wait:2 minutes

Apply: base liquid

Immerse: your finger in the Torrid Nails nude pink

Brush off excess dust

Wait:2 minutes

To obtain a more intense color, repeat the application of the color twice.

Creates the French effect

Apply a thin layer of base liquid only to the tip of the nail, where you want your white crescent to appear.

Dip: coat the area with white nail polish 

Brush off excess dust

Wait:2 minutes

Repeat several times for better effect.

Apply the activator

Apply a layer of top coat


How to do the thin French, discover the professional tricks

french manicure dip

Mastering a fine line is difficult enough on a sheet of paper, let alone on the curved surface of a fingernail. Creating fine lines is a challenge for any nail artist.

Choosing the right brush is the essential first step to success: a pointed round brush will make the process easier.

To ensure that lines are consistent and sharp, the angle at which the brush is held is crucial: if you're trying to achieve fine lines, a 90-degree upward angle is needed.

A steady hand is essential for controlling the brush and fine lines.

It is also important not to load the brush with too much material, otherwise it could drip. However, if the amount of glaze is insufficient, this can cause gaps or a jagged effect in the linework.

The general rule is that the less pressure used, the thinner the line, the more pressure used, and the thicker the line.

How much does it cost to do a French manicure at home: everything you need

The cost of a dip powder French manicure at the beautician can vary from 50 to 120 euros (if a nail artist does your nails). At home, however, it's a different story and purchasing everything you need could amount to just one sitting.

With Torrid Nails you can purchase for the price of just one manicure from the beautician, an Essantial KIT containing everything needed to create a French Manicure Dip Powder:

  • Basic liquid
  • Activator
  • Top coat
  • Brush Saver
  • 4 colors in powder
  • Lima 
  • Brush

The dip manicure is not only cheap, but it doesn't need a UV lamp and is super easy. Since excess powder does not stick to the skin and is dusted away, it is impossible to create smudges.

So what are you waiting for? Try your French Dip Powder now.

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