Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails
Limited Edition - Box San Valentino Torrid Nails

Limited Edition - Valentine's Day Box

Il kit perfetto per una manicure da casa senza Lampada UV.

Selling price€45,99 Regular price€62,85
Save 27%

💅🏻 Up to 30 manicures per color

💸 €2.33 per manicure

🗓️ Lasts more than 20 days and does not damage the nails

🕑 Manicure from home in less than 15 minutes

💡 Without UV lamp and easy to remove

Offer:1 Colore rosso e blu

The Kit contains:

  • 1x Rosso Racer Red | TN003
  • 1x Red Royal Rose | TN047
  • 3x Preparatory Liquids
  • 1x Brush Saver
  • 1x Brush to remove excesses


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How does powder nail polish work?

How does Powder Nail Polish work?
Like acrylics but without a UV lamp because the powder dries in the air quickly.

Is it easy to apply?
We tested our kits with +1000 women and 90% of them said they found the product extremely easy to use. Plus you will find a video tutorial that will explain step by step how to apply powder nail polish to your nails.

How long does it take to dry?
Dries in just 2 minutes

Give me all the information about the results

How long do the results last?
 Our powder nail polish provides durable, chip-free wear for more than 3 weeks.
Enjoy a natural-looking finish right from home

How thick does it sit on the nail?

You can decide for yourself how thick ( or thin) build the level. You like a thin, natural nail, so only dip it once. Do you like a thicker nail? Apply more until you like it!

 Does it sit smoothly on your nails?
 Yes, just take a look at some of our customer testimonials and how their nails appear.

 Does it get as hard as acrylic? Yes, they get as hard, if not harder, like acrylic nails.

How do you put it on?

The application is really easy for both beginners and professionals.
Each kit comes with SUPER easy instructions that explain step by step the procedure to follow both to apply and remove it. beginner or a professional.

Check out the video tutorial below.

Is it harmful?

Does it damage nails?
Absolutely, in fact our nail polish is also suitable for maternity.
Actually powder nail polish thanks to its distinctive formula, protects and strengthens your nails,
creating a sturdy surface that resists chipping and cracking and  safeguarding the natural nail.

Is it possible to apply it on reconstruction?

Is it possible to apply it on the reconstruction?
Of course, our nail polish can be used both with reconstructed nails, with Tips and with natural nails.

Plus, our powder nail polish isn't just limited to manicures. You can also use it for beautiful and flawless pedicures to match your manicure.

What if I try it and don't like it?

Do you not like our nail polish or is it not for you?
No problem, you can try your nail polishes for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with them you can return.

For the first time I am very satisfied with the result. It takes a while because you have to be precise and clean, but it really works!!

Maria F.

uncompromising quality

Quality Certified Colors

All our colors are laboratory tested and do not contain any chemical components or reagents that irritate the skin, as well as being totally Vegan and Cruelty Free. Quality and durability are also certified for their proven superiority.

Our powder nail polishes give color to the nail without staining the skin and cuticles. Furthermore, it strengthens, repairing the structure of nails that tend to break.



The process is very simple. We start with an accurate classic manicure, cleaning the nail with a delicate file. Then we move on to applying the base gel to the nail polish and then dipping the nails into the powder base. The base gel is then applied again and the nail is then immersed in the colour. This last operation can be repeated if you want to obtain a more intense color. Finally, apply the activator and close with the sealing top coat to make the color super bright.

File the Top Layer of the Top Coat with a removal file, insert the Removal Pads on all the nails and secure them with the clips. Wait about 15-20 minutes and remove everything.

This method is simple, fast, easy and does not damage the nail.

Since powder nail polishes are not "paint", they do not they can be removed with regular nail polish remover.

Torridnails powder nail polishes last over 4 weeks without cracking or chipping.

Of course, our nail polish can be used with both reconstructed and natural nails

Of course! Our nail polishes can also be easily applied to toenails.


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