How to Apply Nail Polish Safely and Effectively

Step 1 - Preparation of the nail

- Clean your nails with nail polish remover.

*This will help you remove any nail polish or oil residue.*

- Mattify the nail with the buffer file to promote adhesion of the powder nail polish (Dip Powder).

- File your nails into the desired shape and gently push the cuticles back.

Step 2 - Base Coat and Base Powder Application

This step is essential to provide your nails with a solid foundation that will help prevent lifting and will allow the color to adhere firmly to the nail. Finally it will add a layer protective.

- Apply a thin layer of Base Coat to a nail, paying attention to the cuticles.

- Dip the nail in the Base Powder.

- Wait 15 seconds.

- Brush to remove excess dust.

- Repeat the operation on each nail.

Step 3 - Base Coat and Color

- Apply a thin layer of Base Coat to a nail, paying attention to the cuticles.

- Dip the nail in the Color (Dip Powder) and wait about 15 seconds.

Brush off excess powder with the brush.

- Use a cuticle pusher to remove any burrs.

- Repeat the operation on each nail.

*If necessary, apply another coat of Base Coat and Color to each nail until achieve the desired color intensity. Some colors are darker than others and just require one passes, while others require two.

Step  4 - Activator

- Apply a thin layer of Activator to all nails.

- Wait 5-8 minutes and pass the buffer file.

- Apply a second thin layer of Activator and wait 3 minutes

*During this step the layers will be solidified without using the UV lamp. Our activator hardens the powder.*

Step 5 - Top Coat

This is the final stage of the manicure. In this step we will add shine to the nail for one WOW finish and we will seal everything.

- Apply a thin layer of top coat to all nails

*This way we seal the color.*

- Wait 3 minutes.

Step 6 – Finishing

-  Apply a second layer of Top Coat for added shine and durability.

- Wait 3 minutes.

Enjoy the result.

Our Advice

✔️Do not use hand/nail care lotions before application, as the surface greasy reduces adhesion.

✔️ Make sure to apply essential liquids only one nail at a time and soak immediately the nail in the dust before moving on to the next finger.

✔️ Apply only a thin layer of liquid at a time to avoid warping or thickening unwanted.

✔️ Gently brush off excess powder after each use.

✔️ Take your time between individual steps to get the best possible result.

✔️ Respect the waiting times specified between Activator - Top Coat.

✔️ Apply a sufficient amount of Activator so that the powder adheres optimally and does not air bubbles form at the edges. Don't forget the tip and edges of the nail.

✔️ Always wait until you have completed the entire coat before removing excess with the brush.

✔️ Close liquids immediately after use, to avoid the product solidifying.

✔️ Clean the applicators after each manicure, immersing them for approximately 1-2 hours in the brush saver.


File the top layer of the Top coat, remove the transparent lid of the tray and pour some hot water into the black container, then close it. Now pour the remover into the spaces and soak your nails for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the nail polish residue with a cuticle pusher and use a dry pad to clean the nail bed.

Of course, our nail polish can be used with both reconstructed and natural nails

Of course! Our nail polishes can also be easily applied
on toenails.