French Manicure: How to do it in a few steps

Video transcript

Step 1

In this tutorial we decided to make a beautiful but very simple French, let's see together how to do it.

First of all, as always, we prepare all the nails then we go to matt them well without leaving any trace of polish and after having eliminated all the excess powder we equip ourselves with base coat and base powder we can now proceed with the first step so we apply as always a super super thin basic veil

After that we dip the nail in the powder and now we begin to make our French to do so we spread a thin layer of base again.

After that we dip only the tip of the nail in the white color with the base powder instead we cover the entire surface of the remaining nail. This step will help to avoid unevenness and therefore make the surface smooth and homogeneous.

We therefore dust off the excess powder to further intensify the effect and proceed with a second pass.

Then I lay out the base again.

After that I dip just the tip in the white color and fill the remaining part with the base powder.


Step 2

After finishing the second application we can proceed with step 2 the activator then spread it remember in a generous quantity over the entire surface of the nail and leave it to act for 2 minutes.

After that we proceed with the filing, we smooth the entire surface well, always being careful not to leave any residue of polish on the nail and after removing the excess powder we proceed with the second coat of activator and leave it to act for another two minutes.


Step 3

Once this step has been completed, we are ready for the last step. We apply the top coat. We also apply this, being careful to cover all our nails. We also leave this to dry for 2 minutes and here is the final result if this video tutorial helps you. you liked it, let us know with a like and a comment and as always don't forget to follow our pages to stay updated on the next video.


Our Advice

✔️Do not use hand/nail care lotions before application, as the greasy surface reduces adhesion.

✔️ Make sure you only apply the essential liquids to one nail at a time and immediately dip the nail into the powder before moving on to the next finger.

✔️ Apply only a thin layer of liquid at a time to avoid unwanted deformations or thickening.

✔️ Gently brush off excess powder after each use.

✔️ Take your time between individual steps to get the best possible result.

✔️ Respect the waiting times specified between Activator - Top Coat.

✔️ Apply a sufficient amount of Activator so that the powder adheres optimally and no air bubbles form at the edges. Don't forget the tip and edges of the nail.

✔️ Always wait until you have completed the entire coat before removing excess with the brush.

✔️ Close liquids immediately after use, to avoid the product solidifying.

✔️ Clean the applicators after each manicure, immersing them in the brush saver for approximately 15-20 minutes.


Hai ancora domande?

Come si rimuove?

La rimozione è semplice e veloce. 
Potrai rimuovere il tutto in soli 15 minuti sia  con il nostro set di rimozione o con Acetone 100% puro.

Quanto dura una manicure?

lo smalto in polvere dura fino a 4 settimane senza crepe o scheggiature

Quante applicazioni posso fare con un colore?

Con un singolo colore potrai realizzare fino a 30 manicure

Posso fare anche la pedicure?

Certamente! I nostri smalti possono essere applicati facilmente anche sulle unghie dei piedi.

Funziona anche con le tips o ricostruzione?

Assolutamente si! I nostri smalti sono ideati per effettuare una copertura su unghia naturale, ricostruzioni e Tips.

Se lo provo e non mi piace?

Nessun problema, puoi provare i tuoi smalti per 30 giorni e se non ti soddisfano li puoi restituire.