Come rendere uno Smalto Matt con la tecnica del Dip Powder

How to make a matte nail polish with the Dip Powder technique

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The Matt effect, is what is also called a matte effect, or when the surface of a nail polish is not bright and reflective but opaque.

This type of effect is very fashionable in 2023 and many stars and fashionable people constantly use it both alone and in combination with traditional nail polishes for always fashionable nail art.

Smalto Matt

If you like this style, continue reading our article to find out how to easily create it and which are the simplest nail arts to combine with the Matt effect.

Matt nail polish new trend 2023

In 2023 the Matt effect in both nail polish and lipsticks tends to be a particularly popular choice, also because unlike shiny colors it tends to give a more elegant and glamorous.

This technique appears to be quite simple to apply and it is precisely the simplicity of creation that represents one of the winning characteristics of this type of glaze.

Furthermore, it is possible to notice how many stars, already in during 2022, have adopted this style to give a new shape to their hands: actresses, singers and presenters TV channels have decided to abandon the classic manicure style characterized by bright colors in favor of a Matt effect which is characterized by being incredibly pleasant to look at, with matt tones created with extreme care which give greater value to the workmanship and above all which allow you to transform the manicure suitable for all occasions.

But let's see how to proceed so that it is possible to have well-groomed hands from every point of view and above all to obtain a pleasant Matt effect without any inaccuracies, creating a completely different look on your nails.

How to Make a Dip Powder Manicure

If you are interested in the Matt effect, it is good to know that the Dip System technique is the ideal choice for this type of manicure. In fact, unlike liquid nail polishes, in the dip powder you can easily transform all the nail polishes into Matt without having to buy the color bottle again.

First of all, let's briefly explain what the Dip System technique is for those who don't know it in depth. The Dip System Technique is called this because it is carried out by dipping the nail directly into the colored powder and then activating the color with the use of special liquids.

This technique has a series of undisputed advantages, first of all it is a semi-permanent nail polish that dries without the use of a UV lamp, unlike other semi-permanent nail polishes without a lamp it is as resistant as a gel and lasts up to four weeks.

But let's see how to apply the dip powder nail polish in more detail:

The first step you need to take is to carefully clean the nail, thus removing all the various residues from the previous manicure.

Using the appropriate files it will be possible to carry out this simple operation, therefore succeeding in the task of preparing the nail for the use of the different products that will allow you to have perfect hands from every point of view.

After carrying out this first procedure it is important to remove the cuticles present at the edges of the nails and carry out the cuticle improvement procedure.

At this point you can start with the application of the actual nail polish which begins by spreading a layer of the base liquid and then dipping the nail into the base powder. This same phase will have to be repeated a second time with the colored powder.

Excess powder must be removed carefully using the appropriate brush, so that the effect can be perfect: the dip powder technique is carried out by filing the powder in such a way that the result is synonymous with perfect nails that do not have rounded parts or others that can make the aesthetic effect anything but pleasant to look at.

At this point, after having removed the excess powder, it is simply necessary to apply the activator and the top coat, so that the desired effect can be well present and immediately visible.

How to apply the Matt effect on Powder Nail Polish

Now that we know how to apply powder nail polish we can see together how to transform any Dip Powder color into Matt.

It's really very simple. You have to create a Dip Powder manicure in the traditional way and replace the last liquid, the Top Coat, with another liquid available on the site, for example from Torrid Nails, which is called Top Coat  Matt.

In short, simply by replacing the final Top Coat it is possible to transform any powder color into a Matt colour, not bad right?

How to create the Matt effect on a traditional nail polish

Unlike powder or dip powder nail polishes, if you want to obtain a matte effect on a traditional nail polish you can do it using steam.

This, in fact, allows you to make the shade of your nails opaque, creating a Matt effect that is incredibly pleasant to see.

The first operation you need to carry out is simply to carry out the traditional manicure and at the same time put water to boil in a small saucepan.

Once the manicure is finished, with the nail polish still fresh, you will simply have to use the steam produced by the water as it boils and place your nails near it.

The steam, in contact with the still fresh enamel, produces two very interesting effects, the first of which consists in drying carefully and precise the enamel, fixing it with extreme care.

Furthermore, steam allows the color to undergo that much appreciated effect, that is, causing the colors to become more opaque.

With attention and patience, therefore, you will be able to obtain the much desired matt effect and ensure that your nails are perfect and trendy, just like those of the stars you have always wanted to imitate.

Nail Art with Matte effect

Now that we know how to create matt effect nails, let's see how we can combine matt colors into amazing nail art.

French Manicure Matt

We want to make most of the nail opaque and only the main bezel with a luminous effect but in the same color.

Well with the Dip powder manicure it is super easy, just apply the Matt Top Coat in the right area of ​​the nail and the traditional Top Coat in the other.

Smalto Matt

Matt Block Nails

Using scotch tape we divide the nail into 2 or more blocks and apply the right top coat in the corresponding nail block. My favorite version is the one where a single piece of tape is applied diagonally and two sections are created, one matt and one shiny.

For every desired effect it is therefore possible to exploit the technique that allows to obtain a matt effect that is pleasant to look at.

Application of Diamantini

Another particularly beautiful effect is that of applying a small (or more) bright diamond on an opaque nail to highlight the color.

Let's imagine a matte aubergine purple nail polish with a single Swarovski-effect diamond at the base of the nail that reflects the light, making your manicure more precious.Smalto Matt

There are many options and you can indulge yourself to your heart's content, furthermore, as reported above, today the Matt manicure is even simpler thanks to the Top Coat Matt by Torrid Nails.

Try it now and publish the results of your experiments on social media.

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