Dip powder manicure

How to do Dip powder manicure

All nail art lovers or nail experts must keep in mind two revolutionary words: manicure dip powder.

It is a completely innovative procedure for the treatment of nails, which can be carried out by experts in the sector or with a convenient DIY home procedure, simply by obtaining all the accessories necessary for its perfect implementation.

We are in fact talking about a decidedly simple procedure, which does not require the use of infrared lamps and which brings a series of useful advantages, which make it preferable to the traditional gel from several points of view.

If you are curious to discover how to always have impeccable hands and above all prevent your nails from breaking after a few days after your appointment with the beautician, this new method ensures a hardness equal to that of concrete, but without damage the surface excessively with the file or the nail bed with an aggressive acrylic which prevents the area from breathing correctly.

What exactly does the dip powder manicure consist of

By dip powder manicure we mean the process of the future, which allows you to have nails as resistant as concrete but thin as if they were natural.

The concern of those who use gel, in fact, is precisely that the result is artificial and not very natural, making the hand look stumpy and unfeminine.

By using this procedure the chances of this happening are drastically reduced, the layers of product to be used are fewer and their application is much simpler.

In particular, a preparatory powder and subsequently an activator are used, made with an acrylic defined as light, as it has lower percentages of chemical substances inside it.

The result is just as long-lasting as the gel, but the damage to the nail itself is less over time, as has been witnessed by those who have opted for this approach and manage to obtain perfect hands without having to go to the 'beautician.

How to create the perfect dip powder manicure

Dip powder manicure

At the basis of a good dip system, there are first and foremost quality products such as the Dip Powder Kit by Torrid Nails , an excellent brand that uses only superior quality substances, capable of lasting over time and above all not giving contraindications even to the most sensitive customers.

First get all the basic accessories for a perfect classic manicure, as the nails will need to be adequately prepared before dipping them into the powder.

We are therefore talking specifically about a wooden stick to push back the cuticles, about a file to level the surface and eliminate any depressions and about one to give the desired shape, about scissors for cutting the external cuticles and of a moisturizer that can soften the skin.

Next you will need specific products to carry out this technique, such as a transparent preparatory powder and a series of colored powders that will allow you to give the finish you want to your hands, based on the season and the effect you want you want to get.

Create a dip powder manicure step by step

After purchasing everything you need to proceed at home or carry out this technique on your clients, let's see in detail how to create a perfect dip powder in a short time and with a natural result.

Prepare the nail for the product

The first step to take is to degrease the nail with a special product to remove residues that would not allow the powder to adhere as well as possible.

Next use a buffer file, which is spongy and suitable for treating the first layer of keratin without actually damaging it deeply.

Proceed until the nail bed is smooth and push the cuticles inside, avoiding cutting them so as not to inflame the area.

Furthermore, create the shape that best flatters your hands, from the round one to the square one, including the almond-shaped nails which are so fashionable lately and which make your fingers slimmer.

Pass a primer over the smooth surface

Once this preparation phase has been completed, you can spread a layer of transparent base on the surface of the nail, so as to better protect it from the aggressive action of the acrylic and at the same time create a uniform base that allows the powder to attach regularly.

Opt for a valid product to ensure the health of your skin, for example using the torrid nails kit designed specifically to bring benefits and last a long time.

Wait a few minutes for the substance to air dry, as you will not need any infrared lamp to obtain the desired result, avoiding exposing yourself to the rays and saving money on the purchase.

Dip your nails in the preparatory powder

The first layer of powder for the dip powder manicure is only preparatory and therefore it is a transparent substance that creates an initial coverage.

The suggestion is to immerse your nails inside the product for a few seconds and let it adhere as best as possible, then extract them and remove the excess with a special soft bristle brush.

The aim is to create a compact layer, which is placed only inside the nail bed and not on the edges or cuticles, creating a messy and unsightly effect.

If you want your hands to look like they just came out of the beautician, complete this phase carefully and wait for the powder to set properly, sprinkling it on if you prefer.

File the excess layer and proceed with the colored powder

At this point, look closely at your nail and if you notice that it is excessively rounded, then use the same delicate file to even out the top layer as best as possible, making it thinner.

Apply a base coat and dip your nails in the colored powder, then apply the activator and wait two minutes for the liquid to set.

Opt for the most fashionable tone or one that best represents your classic or extroverted style, going for neutral or fluorescent colors also based on the season.

Repeat the operation a couple of times to obtain a perfect color and make sure that no grains are stuck in the cuticles, which you will have pushed back previously and which should not hinder the operation.

Finish with a transparent top coat

To obtain a shiny effect free of imperfections like that of the gel, it is necessary to equip yourself with a transparent top coat which can finish everything and eliminate the depressions left by the dust, which in this case way it will be fixed properly.

Look closely at the result and check that there are no imperfections, which you can still eliminate by filing and correcting the protrusions. At this point, apply the top coat and wait two or three minutes for it to dry.

Furthermore, check that the shape of each nail is the same as the other and rather regular, so as to obtain a professional result quickly and with a rather small outlay of money.

What are the advantages of dip powder manicure?

Compared to the classic manicure or gel, dip powder is considered revolutionary by most customers, who report a series of practical and aesthetic advantages.

First of all, an acrylic defined as light is used, which harms the skin to a lesser extent and is tolerated better by the nails.

The layer that forms is decidedly thinner and less pasty than the gel, which often prevents the nail bed from breathing, leading to the formation of mycosis or bacterial infections in the space that is created inside, where humidity creeps in.

The procedure for this type of treatment is simple and intuitive, also suitable for those who do not have great manual skills in this sense or are approaching it for the first time.

It is not necessary to spend large amounts of money, since UV lamps are not necessary which, in addition to costing a lot, can damage cells over time.

Furthermore, since the nail polish is in powder form, it does not create smudges, in fact if the powder lands on the finger it can be removed before applying the fixing liquid.

Furthermore, by using powder there is a lower risk of creating lateral imperfections, as happens with nail polish that ends up on the cuticles or edges, ruining the design and making it non-homogeneous.

Furthermore, the filing necessary to perform this technique is only superficial and therefore you will get nails as hard as concrete with your natural ones being strong and robust even when you go to remove the layer of product.

All these advantages can be achieved exclusively if you use good quality substances and products, such as those in the Torrid Nails Dip Powder Kit, which are tested for a long time and respect even the most delicate or allergy-prone skin.

If the question you are asking yourself is whether there are contraindications to the use of dip powder, keep in mind that we are always talking about chemical substances and an acrylic, although much lighter than gel and therefore better from the from a health perspective.

It is therefore an excellent compromise between the traditional manicure, which lasts only a few days before ruining, and the gel which suffocates the nails, since the duration of 3-4 weeks is exactly the same but the benefits superior.

The advice is only to alternate the treatment with short periods of stopping, so that the nail can breathe and regenerate before being immersed in the dust again.

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