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Dip Powder nail polish: what it is, how it works and how long it lasts

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If 2021 was the year of supersonic hairdryers, 2022 is destined to be the year of Nail Polish also known as Dip Powder. If you are a cosmetics and manicure enthusiast, you absolutely must not miss this news. The Dipping system is an innovative semi-permanent nail polish system that lasts from 2 to four weeks and dries in the open air without the use of a UV lamp! It is easy to apply without any smudging and can be easily removed with the use of acetone.

Dip powder manicure: what is it?

Powder nail polish or dip powder manicure is a new alternative to gel reconstruction or semi-permanent manicure.

It is a 3-phase technique that gives a manicure lasting 2-4 weeks without the use of a UV/LED lamp.

It is called the Dip System technique or immersion nail polish, because the color is applied by literally dipping the finger into the powder contained in a jar, as if it were a powder.

The pigmented powder colors the nail, without staining either the cuticles or the skin and strengthens nails which tend to flake and break easily.

Although it may initially seem strange, this system allows you to both color and create gel decorations without smudging and without using a UV lamp. This means that it can be done in a few minutes directly at home and without the need to go to the beautician.

The application process is three-step and includes a base, activator and a sealant.

In short, a simple and quick application suitable for those who have little time to dedicate to a manicure.

When was she born and where can you find her?

The origins of powdered enamel date back to America in the 1980s, when acrylic powders were applied on an adhesive base. One might wonder why it only reappeared today. The difficulty was not so much in the color of the nail polish, but in its application and duration. The most important part in the dip powder manicure is in the liquids in the base, activator and sealant: products that were not possible in the eighties.

The creation of these liquids has allowed a simplicity and speed of execution that is today also recognized by beauty salons.

In the last year, more and more beauticians who provide semi-permanent nail polish and gel reconstruction services have decided to integrate their offer with Dip Powder Manicure.

Smalto in polvere Dip Powder

How to apply powder nail polish

The process is very simple. It begins as in a classic manicure, i.e. by filing the nail to adjust its shape and then cleaning the surface to ensure better adhesion of the nail polish.

At this point we start with the application:

  • a layer of base liquid is applied
  • it is covered with the base powder
  • remove excess dust with the brush
  • another layer of base liquid
  • apply the color powder (repeat all the above twice if desired to increase the intensity of the color).
  •  Once the desired shade is achieved, apply a layer of activator and fix everything with the sealing top coat.
  • Pass the activator 
  • Wait two minutes
  • Pass the final layer Top Coat

How to remove dip powder nail polish

Removing powdered nail polish is also really simple. First of all, file your nails to remove the first layer of nail polish, then follow these simple steps:

  • heat water in the microwave for 30 seconds
  • take a plastic bag and fill one corner with pure acetone
  • add a ball of cotton wool
  • for a better result also add a knob of coconut butter
  • immerse the bag in water
  • soak your nails for 5 minutes inside the bag
  • take the cotton and pass it over the nails inside the liquid

It is possible to do nail art with powder nail polish

The process described previously for applying powder nail polish is valid both for a uniform color and for creating nail art.

If you want to create shapes with powder colors, just apply a base coat only in the areas where the color needs to adhere and sprinkle the nail with powder.

Once the excess powder has been dusted, the applied color will remain only in the areas where the base liquid was applied.

How long does powder nail polish last

Powder nail polish has the convenience of normal nail polish because it applies in a very short time and does not need to be dried with a UV lamp, but has the duration of a semi-permanent nail polish. That is, resistant nails with bright color for up to 4 weeks.

Why will it be the nail trend of 2022?

The dip powder system will be a big trend in 2022 because this nail polish is easy to apply, does not create smudges and does not need a UV lamp.

On the one hand, more and more salons are offering it as an alternative option to gel, because this system allows them to perform more manicures in less time and we all know that time is money.

On the other hand, it is also perfect for home manicures. If you don't have money or time to go to the beautician, the Dip Powder Kit by Torrid Nails can be a perfect solution. It applies in a few minutes, does not require a lamp and does not create smudges.

The powders, then, offer many opportunities in terms of colours, shades and effects. There are powders with metallic effects, glitter and bright colours.

Since it is very difficult if not almost impossible to create smudges, this type of nail polish is also ideal for nail art and is therefore ideal for satisfying the endless needs of customers.

Try it now too.

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